Learning the Ropes

Thankfully, before going to school to be a photographer I also had previously gone to school for graphic design. I really enjoyed the first part of that program...learning designing publications, and advertisements, etc. However, when we got to the website building and coding aspects I was not impressed and really did not like this aspect. So now that I am building my own website, granted using a template, I have been kind of struggling.

I then started getting this blog going. Well, that proved to be very complicated for my non-web designing self. HAHA. I got the blog posts going just fine...but when trying to set it up so you can 'subscribe' to the blog...I hit a big problem. Not to mention setting it up for automation to email subscribers when a new blog post is made. I was in over my head!

As it turns out, Pixieset, who I use for my website does not currently offer the ability to have the blog subscription based. So first I had to figure out how to get the option for that. After a few days of getting that figured out going through a third party, then I had to figure out how to get the automated emails for subscribers. THAT was trying times for me! lol

I THINK I FINALLY got it all set up now. So, this is honestly kind of a test post to make sure it works as it should. If all goes well, hopefully I can get the next actual blog post done this upcoming week.

Do you have experience with setting up websites and blogs? When trying to do things yourself to save money, you quickly realize why it is worth paying someone to professionally help set these kind of things up. For now though, I am more than willing to learn other skills.

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