As the owner and lead photographer of Forget-Me-Not Photography LLC I occasionally have additional trained and experienced photographers or associates who assist me. Having graduated with an A.A.S. Degree in Photographic Imaging and Technology, as well as A.A.S. Degree in Business Management, I continually seek further knowledge to keep the business current, and thriving. Matting and Framing Certified, I also am a three-time American Advertising Federation Awards recipient. I have been featured in popular online platform groups, such as Destination Duluth, Great Lakes Aurora Hunters, and La Modele. My boudoir work has also been published in print by La Modele Magazine.

About Marie

Connecting with the people you will be spending so much time with on your wedding day, or maybe doing a boudoir session, is an important factor. I love getting to know my client's likes and dislikes. What drives their passions, and what excites them. I love hearing about the background stories of what brought a couple together, or the challenges a senior may have faced and overcame.

So, let me start by giving you an idea of who I am personally. I am married and have two children who are now teenagers. I became a mom very young and fought many obstacles to get where I am today. Not only do I run this business, but I also work as a Real Estate Photographer for a large brokerage in my area. During my limited free time I can be found 4-wheeling, reading a book (I am a sucker for the REAL books haha), hiking trails, fishing, or just out shooting wildlife and landscapes. I take every chance possible to travel. My husband and I plan to take to the roads once both kids are grown and on their own. Until then we do go on a lot of adventures as a family and/or with friends. I have some of these trips in my Blog here...check them out for some fun stories and breath taking images (available for purchase). We live in the woods out in the country. We have 3 adorable pit bulls, 3 cats, raise chickens, and enjoy gardening and bird watching.

My whole life I have been quite artistic and love creating things, whether it be fine art photographs, or a recipe from scratch, or a new decoration for the house. As I got older and had children and lost loved ones, I realized how important photographs had become to me. I knew I wanted to help people preserve their most precious moments for decades to come.

Specializing in Weddings, Boudoir, Seniors, and Engagement sessions, I also cover families, children, pets, events, product, and more. Have something in mind? Send a message and see what Forget-Me-Not Photography can capture for you!


In the beginning stages of Forget-Me-Not Photography there was a lot to think about. One major part was choosing what to call the business. Not a fan of just using my own name, I knew I wanted to use a more creative name. After spending weeks thinking names over and not a single one really clicking, it finally hit one night while driving home. One of my mother's favorite flowers is the forget-me-not. So when out exploring Yellowstone National Park a couple years earlier I was ecstatic to find some growing wild on top of Mount Washburn while we had a picnic lunch. Of course I had to take a photo....or ten. Haha. So when I was thinking about my favorite image of those that night while driving home, it finally clicked ...that would make the PERFECT name! Not only was it something that referenced a person who means the world to me, but it also described exactly why photography is so important.. it preserves those priceless memories so that we insure against ever forgetting.

Tiny blue forget-me-not flowers growing wild on top of Mt. Washburn in Yellowstone National Park

Close up of the forget-me-not flowers. This was the photo that inspired the name of this business.

The history behind how the flower got its name also lends itself to the mission of Forget-Me-Not photography. One of the most popular legends of forget-me-not’s name is about how God was creating the earth. When he created all the flowers, he started to name each one of them. After God named all the flowers and was about to leave, one tiny little flower cried out: “Forget me not, Lord!”. God looked back at the tiny plant and said: “This will be your name, so no one will ever forget you”.

Then there is the myth of the French lovers. A French knight and his lady were walking along a river. The knight saw a tiny blue flower and bent down to pick it up for her. Unfortunately, he lost his balance because of his heavy armor and fell into the river.

Forget-me-not flowers are such tiny blossoms they can go easily unnoticed. I have since been fortunate enough to find them growing along several river banks recently. Have you seen any growing in the wild?